The view from the bottom

So, here you are… We’ve all been there, Dead last

You’ve worked hard, sweated the small stuff, Trained,Prepared, and planned

But you’ve fallen short


Its embarrassing , Painfull, and costly

Oh you have held your head up in front of your team mates, (You have given all the “Standard” excuses ; traffic, financing,bad inventory, ineffective management…)

But deep down you know the truth…

The problem is YOU.

Somewhere, you missed the ball.   You thought you had this year wrapped up, and you were certain that sheer momentum would carry you to the top     But here you are  looking up at the leaders, wishing you had that sunshine on your face, and feeling cold in the shadow of  their victory

So what now?  

 * Take a hard look at the scenery , recognize that this is not where you should be.   This place is filled with negativity and reaks with the smell of failure.  You stand out in this dark place as someone that does not belong here.  You have greatness inside of you, and there is nothing great here.  

* Take immediate action,  Don’t waste time !  Dust yourself off and start getting busy. There are plenty of opportunities that you need to take a shot at. You’ve got calls to make and emails to get out . You have way too much to do . Dont  get caught feeling sorry for yourself.

* Carry the lesson with you,  Growth comes from the tough times. You dont want to fall into a trap of negativity, however, you do need to understand your failings and learn from them.  If you dont take this to heart you are destined to repeat your mistakes and the poor results In reality this event may be the biggest single teacher in your life. I’ll grant you the classroom is not very nice, and the school isnt fun, but the lesson is worth learning.

* Don’t look for friends in low places,  Those folks that are content to live at the bottom are not going to help you get to the top !  As my Mom used to tell me, “show me your friends and I’ll show you who you are !”  Seek out positive, successful influences for your life  and…



William Wilhelm Nietzsche “There are few pains so grievous as to have seen, divined, or experienced how an exceptional man has missed his way and deteriorated.”


One Comment on “The view from the bottom

  1. As usual Donnie-great post! Thank you! I enjoy each and every one of your post. I miss your sales meetings (especially those Sat. Mornings!)

    Sincerely, Your partner in sales!

    Ashlyn Rylee Camping World RV Sales of Charleston Office 843-553-6633 Fax-843-377-1874

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