Lessons from Christmas Morning

As I sat drinking my coffee late   Christmas Morning, I surveyed the chaos that was my living room

  All of my Grandkids and Children were home for Christmas .

The main event was over, what was nicely wrapped packages is now debris covering the floor

As you might guess, I see a sales lesson in all this

Let me share with you three observations on selling I learned from Christmas morning

1. Intense Marketing pays off

  Santa Claus doesnt care who you are or what the state of your finances, He will sell you on those 5 minutes of Joy Christmas morning.  He will convince you that this event will be life changing. You will spned whatever time needed to fulfill that emotional desire, and he doesn’t apologize for it.

2. Amazing service is expected

All those little people who sit on the big guys lap EXPECT him to deliver. They will never hear that there was a delay in shipping, or he couldn’t get the product ready, No delays, no excuses, Just great service.
And that level of service is what has built this Jolly old Elf’s reputation !! For millions of Children worldwide he is the GO TO guy. Their loyalty to him is unmatched and their faith in his ability is rewarded on Christmas morning.

Someone has to clean this up !!!

Service after the Sale !!! that shredded paper and those empty boxes will be taken care of, That tree will be stored neatly for next year, and the food will be refrigerated and eaten for days. None of these will be celebrated acts, they will happen in the quiet times after the festivities . But celebrated or not, be sure this work will be done .

Ok I’m gonna finish this coffee, find my “some assembly required” tool box . and get busy

Hope you had a Great Christmas
Sell like your living depends on it !!


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