Sell like you mean it

“Give me 3 days and I will change your life…”

This is the Sales pitch I heard as I walked with two of my friends past the Paul Cummings booth at the RVDA convention in Louisville KY several years back.

I stopped , and listened as this dynamic Salesperson explained his program, handed me DVD’s and scheduled his follow up call.

A few weeks later I was in Georgia and they were delivering on the promise !!

No this isnt an ad for PDCWWE , although you would be well served to use them. It is however a great example of todays topic

Selling on purpose: Quality Sales presentations and Closing don’t happen by luck, chance, and fate. It is a practiced and reherarsed event.

Consider the example above :

1. He captured my attention
This almost Apostolic promise grabbed me instantly ! How could this stranger know anything about my life?
He obviosly had no previous knowledge of me, but he did have…
–> Confidence in his product and services
–> Energy and enthusiasm
–> The drive to present his product to every prospect

He was prepared for my interest
Ofen Sales people launch with out a plan, they hope to wing it on the off chance they can get someone to listen.
This Sales person was well prepared with product knowledge and materials needed to present his case. he had a plan, a goal, and a clear path to get there.

He Made the roles and terms clear
I was told at the very opening greeting, I would have to give of my time to receive the benefit of his service. The purpose of our interaction was not disguised. He didn’t attempt to bait me with ” consultancy” or “analysis” . He was there to sell me on his product, and I was there to buy . Our roles were established from the first handshake, and it came as no surprise that he asked me for my business.

Sell like your living depends on it..

3 Comments on “Sell like you mean it

  1. Your articles are a constant reminder of someone that I know. You’re gifted and I applaud you for your commitment to encouraging those that you don’t even see. Keep up the teh great work!!!

  2. Your writing reminds me of a guy I know very well. You should be applauded for taking the time to post information that if internalized and furthermore externalized will help the good become great. Why settle for good when great is available. Keep writing.

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