I am always surprised to see myself in pictures and video. I don’t look at all like I expect to look. I don’t feel like a guy with grey hair and a gut…

But the camera doesn’t lie does it .

Consider for a moment that the way we see ourselves professionally, could also be very different from how others see us.

We may see our selves as a vocal advocate for improvement
And others may see us as a constant complainer.

How does this happen?
offering a steady presentation of problems without offering solutions, or even an attempt at helping , may very well seem to our co-workers as just general bitching.
Changing that image requires a shift from ” This is broken” to ” How can I help” .

We may see ourselves as a most valuable asset working tirelessly on building our sales book
And others may see us as someone that doesn’t care about the success of his overall team

The very definition of an asset is one that adds value to the whole of a team or organization.
Blindly selling with a total lack of respect for the support process behind you is destructive.
When you sell this way, you will constantly give up your profit to make the customer happy with the service disconnect YOU CREATED. Thus reducing your contribution and lessening your worth .
Changing this image will require that you take a look at EVERYONE involved in your Customer process. Recognize and respect their contributions to your success and communicate effectively with them

How do “they” see you?

Share in the comments some other ways we can change / improve the perception of our team mates

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