Holding yourself accountable for greatness

Holding yourself accountable for greatness

OK I know this is a simple title but I am going to introduce an exercise that I really want you to take seriously.
We spoke previously about the Greatness that is inside of you. That leads naturally to addressing the task of getting that Greatness to the “outside”.

In terms of unlocking and performing at a level of Greatness , you will have to go through a cuople of tough exercises

1. Discovering your worth
what it is that you deserve, What are you working for? What are you worth …
*Step in front of a mirror ( preferably at home and when you have lots of time )
* Ask yourself ” What am I worth? “
(hint its not all about money)
NOTE –> This question isn’t for your spouse, its not for your boss, It is for you. This isn’t about any one’s opinion, assessment, or goal. This is about you
Your raw honesty, Your dreams, Your aspirations, The VALUE of your effort .

2. The Second question will come quite naturally ;
If I deserve these things, Why don’t I have them
No excuses, no blame, just raw honesty .What or who is holding you back? How many opportunities to improve have you missed? What obstacles have you allowed to stand in your way? what is keeping you from being great? IS IT YOU ?????

This is tough, but if being great was easy, everyone would be operating that way.

3. Develop a Plan of action
This isn’t a “resolution” to be lived a while and forgotten. This is a Life altering plan that will shape your future and it should be treated as such
– What needs “fixed”
– What will it take in terms of committment
– What will it take in terms of Work
– What is a reasonable time table
– Who can you lean on for direction and assistance
– Where is your passion level? ( Are you ready to do what it takes?)

Of course I do not have the room here to go much further into this but I think you can see the Path

Sell like your living depends on it


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