With nearly 28 years in Sales and Sales Management, I find myself training teams, and thinking to myself, ” These guys know this stuff”.
I have had many “old dogs” say to me ” Donnie I saw

    trainer’s name here

teach this 20 years ago. I usually reply, “so did I and Now I have the pleasure of repeating it” .

The strongest mentor in my life was a guy named Roger. He was the kind of Trainer that would sneak up on you. He had a lesson for you when you didn’t see it coming.
He would wait until the deal was done, and the ink was dry, then he would say something like…

” Donnie, You needed to slow down and lower your voice, and make your Customer feel special.”
WHAT ??!!! “I just closed the deal Roger !”
” I know Donnie,” He would Counsel, “But that is all you did.”
He then would go on to explain what I missed and where a further opportunity might have been.

He Started this routine the first week I worked for him as a sales person , and the last week I worked for him as a GM, 20+ years later, he was still taking the time to teach as the opportunity arose.
“You see Donnie” He would say, “It is not what we don’t know that hurts us, It’s what we know and don’t do.”

I think about this Statement often, As I watch talented, educated, Well trained Sales people fail to reach their potential. They immediately Start looking for a book, CD, or Training program with a “FRESH” approach. Nothing wrong with that , But more often that not, they find that new book is just full of the same old truth’s they should have been sticking with.

We know Follow up is Critical
– But we tell ourselves we are too busy, we wait at the front door for a “gift” from God, While our customer base finds out that our competition is having a sale.

We know Product knowledge is Important
– But we tell ourselves that the customer is so well educated that they know more than we do. We end up looking silly and giving up profit to fix mistakes. Knowledge always equals profit !!

We know Our Customers want to feel like we care
– But we are off to the next deal !! far to busy to stop and share a kind word, ask for their referrals, or talk about their frustrations. After all that’s what the service department is for.
( Side note , Nationally they trade every 3 to 5 years, did they trade with you ????? )

What is it that You know, but aren’t doing?
Take Massive action, get busy doing right, and

Sell like your living depends on it


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