5 things you don’t have time for

I will admit this could be a longer list,

But if you are going to be successful in sales ( Or life for that matter) , You simply Cannot make time for :

Gossip :
If you allow yourself to be the recipient of garbage, you will smell like it soon !! I have met sales people so devoted to the latest “news” that they soon became the latest news. Even if you are reasonably certain that the information you have is true, Learn to keep your mouth shut when damage to another is the only possible outcome. And in the words of Sandra Blanz ( My Mom and first mentor) “If they will talk to you about someone else, They’ll talk to someone else about you .”

Complainers are a cancer to any organization. They will de moralize a Sales team and Crush the greatest of effort. I am amazed that they never run short of dis satisfaction. It seems everything bothers them . I once overheard a Sales person tell another ” Man we just have too much inventory, This place is turning into a candy store.” That same sales person complained later in the year when I dropped a line that was under performing. I recommend promoting constant complainers to the position of customer.

It was the weather, the ad campaign, the inventory, The Management, the customer . IT WAS YOU !! take ownership of your failures. Blame will rot you from the inside out. We all stumble, We all fail. You just can’t waste precious time dwelling on the past. Dust your self off, learn from your mistakes and Get busy !

Desperate people do desperate things . It is a far better use of your time and energy to stop, take a breath and formulate a solid plan for success. Acting out of desperation will cost you profit and customers. Be careful not to develop commission breath . Remember the fundamentals that have brought you success in the past and apply them.

To be more specific , self-destruction. Doing or saying that thing which will result in your certain failure . Among those that fail in our profession you will find a wide range of self-destructive behavior . Drug and alcohol abuse, gambling, Theft, dishonesty and many more . These are the tools with which failure builds its strong hold in our lives. Stay grounded , keep your moral compass pointed true North. You will lose much more than time slipping down these paths

Sell like your living depends on it


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