READY – SET – GO !!!

There we were, four boys about twelve years old, lined up in a row , facing roughly a block of of neighborhood road.

My little sister was the starting gun. She called out with all the authority her little voice could muster ;


A quick few breaths , A short little dance hopping from foot to foot…

” SET”
Down into a stanced position crouched, eyes on the goal…

We were off racing for the pride of the block, who would win , who would have that sacred title FASTEST

(Admittedly, it wasn’t usually me .)

No, I didnt drag you down memory lane to show you I wasnt a fast runner.

I hoped to paint this picture in your mind, as I relate it This Great profession of ours.

You see one thing we all have in common at the “Starting line” of our Day, is that we all want to win. We sometimes have different definitions of what a win is, but we all want to win.

Is your mind right? is your attitude positive? Have you gotten enough sleep? Eaten a good breakfast? Have you spent some time in quiet preparation for your day ? Did you plan today’s events yesterday? Are you studied up / prayed up/ and propped up?

Now is the time to narrowly focus on the goal. Summon the Greatness within you, and see yourself with the victory. You CAN do this . You WILL do this , There is no one and nothing that can convince you that you are anything less than the very best at what you do .

Dont hold back, give it every thing you have . Let the Wisdom and Strength that is inside of you Flow to the outside. Overcome fear and doubt and LAUNCH yourself into VICTORY.
Who is better? Who is Stronger, faster, and able to rise above the average ? YOU ARE

Sell like your living depends on it

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