An Unfair competitive advantage

We all want it , That edge over our competitors.

That quality that sets us apart and makes us attractive to our customers and magnetic to our prospects.

They notice when we have it, They ask questions like “Where did they come from ?” and ” How did they suddenly get so good ?”

In the world of selling this edge is the product of a simple formula.

– Put in the work

The unattractive work, the time and effort needed to follow up, prospect, and develop. This is the hours of time on the phone. The sitting up late stuffing the mail outs. It’s the craigslist ads , the Sales blogs, Youtube videos, The bulletin board ads , and the list seems to go on and on.
It is the networking, The referrals , The constant reaching for new opportunities.
This work isn’t as pretty as the “close” , It doesn’t grab the head lines and the back slaps. No one gives out plaques and trophies for leg work, but it will pay off.

You’ll seem to come out of no where with a solid customer base, and a sales book to match. Your Customers will know you by name , and be certain, Your competition will too.

– Stay with the work

Dance with the one that brought ya !!

Often Sales people plateau.
We reach a level of success and the fundamentals that brought us here seem to take a back seat.
We get caught up in the spot light. We like the awards and the accolades, and who doesn’t?!. We enjoy being told we are a Selling machine. We like the paychecks, and the perks. This is a great feeling . The top of the field is the greatest of views.
We need to look beyond the moment, be ready to fight once again, and be steadfast in our commitment to staying at the top of our game

But we need to realize that we are never invincible . Remember what made your competition vulnerable? They didn’t put in the work !!

Sell like your living depends on it

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