You have to be Crazy !!!

“You Have to be Crazy !!” ,” I mean just nuts to work for Straight commission, I mean man thats just insane. ”

Have you heard this rant before? Chances are good you have.

Ive heard it from nearly every relative I have at one time or another.

Heck, to be honest, there were lean times when I said it to myself !!

Over the years I have reached a rather different conclusion. I personally feel your crazy to work any other way.

Consider this simple equation

Passion + Effort = income

More Passion + More Effort = More income

Where else but the world of SALES can this


be true ?

At the local factory I could come in on Monday, work with Passion and Pride and make no more than the guy beside me who nurses his hangover and sits around all day. Talk about CRAZY !!

To top that off My income would be dependent on the company’s deciding that I needed more.

And then deciding When I needed it.

Just insane !

Who has it better than us?

Sell like your living depends on it


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