When Sales Management is strengthened

My previous addressed a few things that weaken our Sales Managers

This post will address the opposite , or What is it that strengthens our Sales Managers

1. Our attention to detail

     Sales people that commit to a systematic approach strengthen their Management and as a result,  the team .   Allowing Ourselves to be a part of the flow keeps our Manager able to focus his attention on a larger picture.   Time spent fighting the program, is wasted energy.   Remember, Sometimes the squeeky wheel just gets replaced .


2. Our willingness to learn

     Meetings and training are done with the purpose of making the team better.  But what good is a training session that isnt applied?   When we  are good, we should be searching for GREAT.  When we are great , we should be reaching for World Class.   As we increase in skill and success, we PUSH our Manager to a new level of leadership. 

3. Our Positive Attitude

  I have been told I spend to much time on this topic , but I am convinced that there is no bigger contributer to success than our attitude.  A team focused on the positive is unstoppable and It’s Manager is unbeatable.  ‘ nuff said


Sell like your living depends on it





One Comment on “When Sales Management is strengthened

  1. This Blog really hit home for me this week. I made a clerical error which made me and my manager look bad. I have challenged myself to slow down and pay closer attention to the “smaller” details so that my customer’s experience is improved and my team is strengthened.

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