Jailbreak your mind

Jail breaking is an expression that refers to opening a cellpphone up to receive a lot more applications and perform a lot more functions

It is frowned upon by Cell phone manufacturers and cell service providers.

How ever, to borrow this phrase, We as sales people NEED to Jail break our minds !

— Open your mind to new applications !
Amazon.com , this morning, has 18,810 listings for “self help” under the sub catagory of “Success” .
This I will guarantee; somewhere in those vast pages is something “NEW” for you.
While browsing in Dollar Tree with my wife this weekend I picked up two books on success for $1.00 each. Both were Authors I had never heard of, but they took the time to share their experiences in attaining success, and I value that. I will find something “NEW” in these pages.

— Expand Your abilities
There simply is no better use for your time than to develop a better you.
Yesterdays standard of excellence is no longer good enough . You are now tasked with raising the bar.
How will you reach Tomorrows goal with Yesterdays effort?
We must be better, We must expand and grow, WE MUST BE GREAT

—- Overcome your fears
Fear imprisons you, It chokes away your confidence and stifles your effort.
You simply do not have the time for fear, It is a luxury best reserved for those with no ambition and no Dreams.
launch NO count down, or “READY SET GO…” Your ready, Your talented, You are committed, so get to it !!!

As always,
Sell like your living depends on it

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