When I was 12 or 13 , I asked my father for an electric guitar.
Now you need to know two things .

One, my father was a Military man, we lived in base apartment housing in Germany .
Two, I was a huge fan of KISS, and had the continuing problem of not turning the volume down on my stereo.

I am sure these two facts weighed heavily on my parent’s mind when they made their decision.

For Christmas I received an accoustic guitar.

” Learn to play this one, and I’ll buy an electric. ” My father made me one of what would be many committments tied to a life lesson.
I worked at it for what seemed like forever ( actually about three months).
I would walk proudly to the living room and pluck out a simple tune for my mother, who was encouraging and irritated at the same time. ( A quality Mother’s have ) .
But then summer came, and I was once again off doing what boys do. Bike riding, Playing ball, Chasing girls , all sorts of non guitar related conquests.

Several years passed before I bought my first of many electric guitars. And several more years passed before It dawned on me that I could have achieved the feat Years earlier.

Here are the 4 lessons Joe and Sandy Blanz hoped I would get ;

– With a little Passion, we pursue goals , With A lot of Passion we attain them.

– Work brings with it reward. There is no shortcut to success.

– A Man will always find a way to do What is truly important to him

– Accoustic guitars are quieter and more suited for apartment living ( Just saying )

SUCCEED like your living depends on it

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