Every sales person has someone who they are ultimately accountable too The greatest in our profession hold themselves to a higher standard than others expect of them


You won’t find the best in the sales game taking part in slippery snake oil selling. They know that at the end of the day deceit brings defeat
You’ll find them working hard to be sure that every detail of a transaction is disclosed, every promise kept, and even if it means losing the deal, every fault uncovered.
A true sales professional understands that along with his money, a customer also spends his trust. This expenditure means something special to a truly great Salesperson .


A mentor of mine once told me that when you point a finger at someone else the fingers left balled up in your palm all pointed back at you.
The Greatest among us do not waste time with the blame game, They step up and take full responsibility for the success or failure of every transaction.
They are the first to check the details, The first to admit fault , And usually the first on the scene with a solution .


Whatever it takes. We hear this phrase a lot in sales . Have you ever had the pleasure of seeing this attitude in action? It is truly amazing to watch a sales person who is committed to the process work.
This Salesperson is relentless in the pursuit of perfection. Their customer feels appreciated in the process and their company is profitable. They settle for no less that the best effort they can put forth, and accept nothing less from those around them . It really is a joy to be a part of

The most striking fact is this, no one has to ask that they step up this level. The Great ones require this of themselves.

Sell like your living depends on it



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