What to do when it all goes wrong

So.. we have lots of places to look that will happily tell us what to do to gain results. There are plenty of advisors that will counsel on how to get to the top of this great field .

So what do we do when we are following all the good advice , and we have instituted all the protocols, and it still falls apart.

Where do we turn when we have done everything right and gotten the wrong results ?

What do we do when it all goes wrong…

1. Don’t panic.
Steer with a steady hand Keep your eyes forward and your emotions in check. Remember, desperate people do desperate things. You are not desperate, You are a Professional.

2. Be prepared to put in the work.
The tendency of most people is to surrender to the waters that would drown them. They tire from the fight and give up in defeat. We all have that moment, When our gut has wrenched enough, Our Mind is exhausted, and we simply lack the will to keep trying.
It is the effort put in just after that near collapse that will determine your victory.
This is not the easy work, It’s not the quick fix, it’s the set jaw and deliberate effort that comes from that place deep inside that just won’t give up .

3. Accept no excuse for failure
(The worst of all lies is the lie we tell ourselves .)
Failing is easy , it simply requires that we give up and stop trying .
Failure is not a destiny. it is a choice.
We must choose NOT to fail.
Any reason we give ourselves for failure must be flat rejected. We must succeed. We must choose success

Remember there is greatness inside of you, even when you don’t feel great, It is still there !!

Sell like your living depends on it


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