Definition of pressure (n)
Bing Dictionary
pres·sure [ préshər ] 1.process of pressing steadily: the applying of a firm regular weight or force against somebody or something
2.constant state of worry and urgency: powerful and stressful demands on somebody’s time, attention, and energy, or a demand of this sort
3.force that pushes or urges: something that affects thoughts and behavior in a powerful way, usually in the form of several outside influences working together persuasively
Synonyms: weight, heaviness, burden, compression, gravity, density, force.

if you have been in Sales for any time at all, you have become quite familiar with the word PRESSURE
– The Pressure of Competition
– The Pressure of The Quotas or Goals
– The Pressure to Perform

How do we deal with it?

1. Embrace it ; It is meant to be
A very wise doctor once told me ” Mr. Blanz Some things are supposed to hurt.”
Pressure affects our thoughts and behaviour, It forces our focus, and When embraced it will make us better. We go from Good to Great under pressure. We shine under Pressure, WE MAKE MONEY UNDER PRESSURE.

2. Become a part of it
Note this from the definition above;” process of pressing steadily: the applying of a firm regular weight or force… ” My wife tells me constantly that I am my own worst critic, Not true I am my BEST critic, and you are your best critic. be ruthlessly honest with yourself about your potential, and your performance. If you aren’t rising you must demand better of yourself. Become the source of that weight in your life.

How do you turn the pressure of sales into a positive force in your life?
I’d love to read your comments

Sell like your living depends on it

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