A Controlled Explosion???

Recently on Fox News I watched a power plant in Florida that was demolished by a series of “Controlled explosions “.

As I watched the prep work for the explosion, I noticed the fire trucks and ambulances standing by. The braodcaster touched briefly on their presence, saying ; ” You never know.”

I chuckled to myself as I thought ” The reality here is that there are timed explosions, and there are deliberate explosions, but I doubt very seriously if there is anything that can be named a “Controlled explosion”. It seems to me the very fact that it EXPLODES, indicates an element of Chaos, and a lack of control.

This is a lot like a sales person who is demolishing his Career, …

1. He has the illusion of control ;
Taking shortcuts, skipping steps to get to the fast results. Writing the bad paper, it all feels like control, but it just ends in the explosion and debris of a shattered effort.
His attitude explodes , His discipline explodes, and eventually he is left in the rubble, blaming the Manager, The market and the Buyers

Just as the power plant wasnt built over night, So also a Sales Career is not “Born” in an instant. But all of the years of work and effort can come crashing down in the face of “explosions”.

So here is the good news, just as the safety vehicles were standing by, We as sales people have our own safety measures
-Good Sales management will always be available to a Sales person in need of a course correction. If you feel yourself losing discipline and focus seek out good coaching. Set aside pride and ego, and get help
– Peer support is another great resource. I remind my team often “when you can’t stand up, get propped up.” Seek out positive energy and good advice from your team mates. Remember sometimes preventing an unwanted explosion is just a matter of handing over the Switch and letting a cooler head prevail.

How do you prevent destructive behavior in your career ? Share in the comments


2 Comments on “A Controlled Explosion???

  1. I consulted you, and you gave me really really good advice. I was the person who had moved to another city, without a customer base to bring. I can never thank you enough for “propping” me up, even though you did ;not know me. I am more settled, and the sales are going smoothly. I had to learn how the dealership operated, and it was completely different than what I had known. I just wanted to take this opportunity to say thanks, And yes, I am doing what I know works.

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