A long time mentor of mine once described a Sales team as a bowl of vegetable soup. each Person an ingredient that added to the overall flavor of the soup.

I have carried that thought with me, and have often thought this way when adding to or subtracting from my team. I ask myself what flavor will this person bring, or what flavor might I lose.

I have also come to realize that not all soups taste the same. Often I will order from a menu and get a soup that tastes nothing like mine .

Perhaps they add an ingredient I don’t.

Or Perhaps they make better use of those ingredients.

Maybe, They have found a level of intensity that I have yet to discover…

So what makes the difference for us as Sales people ?
Why do some create more “flavor” than others?
What is the difference.

Most often the difference can be summed up in one word


The fire burning inside of you…. Your intense desire to achieve… That overwhelming sense of purpose
These are the factors that Create your Flavor !!

How do you impact the Flavor of your Soup?

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