POP POP fix it…


This is the plea of my Young Grandson as he hands me the toy that no longer works…

I look at his Young wonderful face and see the confidence he has in me, “Pop Pop fix it “. Its not a question, its more of an affirmation, He is telling all that hear, that POP POP will fix it.

And my biggest desire in that moment, is to be the Man he needs me to be.

Some times the fix is easy, Just put a new battery in and I am an instant Superhero

Other times I just need to undo some minor change he has managed to make. He hit the wrong button, or Turned the Action figures’s arm too far back and just isnt strong enough to re align it. I Tweak the situation and I am The best POP POP in the World once again

Then there are the tough ones, The ones Pop Pop cant fix, Here is where we learn together.

We learn to look for solutions. We learn to look for advice.
We learn that we are a great team but we can always be better.
We learn together that some things are not able to be “fixed”.
We learn the value of a good cry.
We learn to find a better pursuit, or a different direction that leads to a better place.
We learn that sometimes our success isnt waiting where we thought it was, but we find it anyway.

And in the midst of this, I find lesson in success

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