The Variable

Dont get in the EXCUSE MAKING business

Its easy to find yourself in the position to offer excuses for poor performence

There are plenty of Sales people willing to join in and reinforce the mindset. The Chorus rings out nation wide at times

” The Economy is bad and no one is buying ”
” The Weather is Horrible, and no one is buying ”
” The selection /pricing/Floorplans are all wrong”
” My team mates are taking all the “Good” prospects”
” The boss flooded the floor ”

And the list goes on and on

These excuses are like aspirin for Tooth aches, It may ease the pain for a while , but the problem remains the same.

Lets look at the truth of the matter

Their are buyers in any market ALL of the time.
Your product sells in any weather – It may be a tougher Sale, but it will sell ( BTW The weather is always good on the Web)
The economy doesnt buy RV’s / Cars/ Boats / Homes , People do

The Variable between a Great Month and a Bad Month is You…

YOUR commitment to success
YOUR willingness to do what it takes
YOUR passion
YOUR Work ethic

Dont allow excuses to drive your thinking. When it takes over your mind your production will follow.
When you find yourself with less than desireable results ask ” How can I change me? ”

Can I reach more people?
Can I polish my pitch?
Can I sling more effort at it ?
How I can I make a difference

Sell like your living depends on it

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