The Urge to Fly, This is a name I gave to a very common set of emotions that sometimes overtake even the best Sales people

Lets admit some things to ourselves,

A. The hours can get long
B. The pressure to perform can get Stressfull
C. Our Families often don’t “get it”
D. Feast and Famine are common occurrences sometimes even in the same week

This business of Sales is the Craziest way to make a living. It is both rewarding and Punishing.
It often takes from you as much as it gives.

And that is why we get the Urge to Fly

That overwhelming moment when we just want to throw our hands up and shout ENOUGH!!!!!!

But its important to remember that this is just a MOMENT. It is not the time to make Life altering decisions, Not the time to hit the brakes and Certainly not the time to take flight.

It is the time for self assessment – Brutal honesty about who you are and how your doing.

It is the time for Hard work- Sling more effort at success , Double down on your commitment

It is the time Breath – Three deep breaths, a brisk walk and back into the Fight !!

It is the time to remember there IS Greatness inside of you

Don’t run from this moment RUN towards Success

2 Comments on “THE URGE TO FLY

  1. So perfectly said, So profoundly said and so true. We as sales professionals in a commissioned based position have been there at least five or more times in our careers. I know I have.

    So when is the time to fly ?? We feel all done, cooked, ticked off, feel unwanted?

    We all have a friend in the business that calls, text or Facebooks us about the sooo very green grass at the dealership they work at. The management is so lax they don’t even see you disappear 6 times a week to go do what ever you do, and they are making a fortune while not working for it.

    I say Bull!, There is no such place.

    Donnie said it best. Evaluate yourself, what do you do when at work? Is Facebook your start page on your WORK computer? Do you show up to work on time? Dare you show up early. Do you actually look forward to going work? DO YOU WORK WHEN YOU GO TO WORK?

    I say, do a self evaluation of your habits, and I mean an honest evaluation of yourself. I do it to myself about 4 times a year to keep me in check.

    Human nature is to blame someone or another thing for our own failures.

    If the urge to fly is upon you then stop and take some deep breathes as Donnie said. You may me surprised how much better things are than thought.

    I wish you all success.

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