We have all seen the Guy that floats in and out of his work day,Operating without passion or commitment.

And if your like me, you have scratched your head and wondered How can he be successful?

He isn’t.

1. Short term bursts of accomplishment are possible without Passion. Long term Success is not
– It looks like success from the outside, but on the inside he is panicked by the thought
that his luck could run out at any moment.( and eventually it will )
Sooner or later he’ll find himself face to face with the uncertainty of a career built on lucky shots

2. Hard Work will propel even “average” talent to the top
– You’ve have seen it over and over, The “Superstars” wasting their time arguing with management over perks and privileges that they want , while the “Average” guy just kept plugging away at the job. At the end of the day the work became the reward and the perk became an expensive consolation prize

3. Luck and Success are not related
” Lucky” deals happen. Right place, right time, right buyer.
They are a lot of fun.
They are not the foundation to build a career on.
Many a lottery winner is now broke !
I will take effort over luck every time.

Sell like your living depends on it

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