It Should feel like WORK

Because it is !!

I have to say , whoever coined the phrase “Do what you love and it wont feel like work” Surely wasn’t a Professional Sales Person !!

If your giving this great profession your best, work will be exactly what it feels like. And why not? It’s that feeling that lets us know we are operating at our fullest potential.

When it doesnt feel like work, Your not working !!

I love what I do, and frankly I want it to feel like work , I want to go home tired, before you tune me out,
consider these thoughts…

I want to feel it when its going Great
– You know that good kinda tired, when you get home peel of your shoes and reflect on a great day. When you hug your Sweetheart and say ” I love what I do!” The kind of tired that leaves you sitting with a satisfied smile and a full bank account.
This is where you find momentum you didnt know you had, Courage to reach farther and the Daring to Dream BIG DREAMS.
This is where you shine
That kind of tired that makes you long to get back tomorrow and do it all over again !!

I need to feel it when the going is tough
– This is that painfull work, the work of accountability. This is that long look into the mirror, The Challenge to those strained , tired eyes looking back at you. This the gut wrenching stuff that makes you better , faster, and Out front of Yesterday. This is where the Great Ones are formed, Where the ideas are born and the groundwork for success is laid.
This feels like work. This is work.

Sell like your living depends on it

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