I imagine you just bought a brand new car, Bright and Shiny, fast and sleek. Now imagine right in the center of the console a Red button marked “self Destruct” .

What would be your instruction to passengers and potential drivers of the car ?
How would you handle that button ?

It’s an absurd thought isn’t it , to even think that we would destroy a Car intentionally, or allow someone else to destroy it

Funny thing,( Or not so funny.) A Sales Career comes with that button. We have the ability to destroy ourselves.

Sometimes the button is obvious
It’s the Bad attitude that we feel coming on.
It’s the dissatisfaction that swells in us when things aren’t going well and the deals aren’t delivering.
We see this destruction coming, and If were smart we find a way to disarm the Negative impact.
We train , we read, We seek Positive influences , we pray We do what it takes to turn that button off

Other times That button is not so obvious
It shows up masked in pride
– Hey no one likes to admit when we screw up, but we do screw up. Hiding the facts, or lieing to cover it up is just simple self-destruction. Even if you get away with it, I assure you, It will come back to haunt you.
It shows up in our competitive nature
– Dont misunderstand me, I like Good Competition,
and I hope your never in a “fair” fight. An unfair competitive advantage is how we always want to engage with our competitors.
But don’t fall into the trap of misinformation and false statements about the “Other Guys”
It will one day cost your credibility and Your Sales. If their good, Say their good, and Find a way to be better.
It shows up in our Greed
Make lots of Money ! But be proud of how you earn every penny, Sell in a way your family can be proud of, Be one of the Good Guys, BE GREAT

Sell like your living depends on it
– Donnie

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