The first time i ever saw a Skyscraper, I was around 10 years old.
My family did a lot of traveling, and I really couldn’t tell you what city I was in,
or for that matter what Country.

I looked at that huge building and asked myself “Isnt anyone worried about it falling over?”
I could feel my little heart begin to race with the fear of this enormous structure tumbling.
I said something about this fear out loud, and my Sister Angela told me sternly ” It’s not possible!”

hearing this affirmation immediately had an impact on my scared mind and racing heart. I was calm once again

Our Mind, with all of its wonderous ability is so easily impacted by Negativity.
We are forced to become experts in managing the input of information and suggestion.

Here are three Tips for managing your Mind;

1. Avoid Known sources of Negativity
Stop it at the source.!”
Negative people, Bad TV, even your own mood swings, are just a few examples of sources that need to be quelled

2. Stay out of the Excuse Making business
The minute we allow negativity to enter our thought process , We begin to make excuses.
Our mind begins to justify Our lack. If left unchecked We will convince Ourselves of Failure.

3. Feed Your Mind with Positive influences
Seek out Solid Motivated people, Surround yourself with Positive information and Successful energy
Allow yourself to become convinced of your inevitable SUCCESS

Sell like your living depends on it
– Donnie

* Please take a moment and share in the comments some of the Positive influences in your life

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