If you are a regular reader of this site you know I tend to keep my posts trending on the Motivational side. I Try to use daily practical examples of success and the elements that are needed to attain Greatness in this profession.

The last few years have given us some extraordinary examples of Success, and More to the point of today’s post,

Examples of Success after Failure.

I find myself thinking a lot about the topic of restoration in these days we are living “Post Recession” . As I see great Business Men and Women, who experienced crushing failures a few short years ago, Rise once again to Greatness.

I find Certain qualities that seem to run in a common vein with these Success stories ;

1. Tenacity – That sheer will to recover, and that irresistible desire to become even Better than the past. These people aren’t reaching just to regain their former Success They are extending past it. The fear of failure no longer cripples them, they are not afraid of the “Bottom” They have been there and they have beaten it.

2. Redundancy – Embracing a winning system and learning to repeat Winning behaviors. Building a Business into a Model for future sustained success. This isn’t to say that they don’t ebb and flow, or to say that they never change. They are forever Changing. They have just learned how to take the Positive elements of the plan and repeat them .

3. Faith – This topic always brings controversy, I’ll just simply say You can achieve some success with out it, But faith brings with it principles, Guidance and boundaries . I believe we as Human Beings need these in order to Sustain any level of true Success.

4. Passion – This gets them up early, and fills their dreams!! It drives them in even the smallest task. It is the quality I admire most and the quality I see most predominately in Truly Great Sales People
Passion = commitment
Passion = Attitude
Passion = work ethic
Passion = SUCCESS

Sell like your living depends on it
– Donnie

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