Greener Grass

I recently received a call from a General Manager that is a regular reader of this Website

The conversation went like this

” Donnie Can you help me get a position within your company? I am just not making a living here”

I asked him what he thought was impacting his sales efforts

” The Dealer is too small” he stressed the word small. ” We have just two sales people and a small inventory, We just aren’t selling enough product and this guy won’t order any more.”  ” I have tried to convince the owner that we can’t sell this stuff, Its wrong for our market and we lack variety. He keeps telling me to get the sales people motivated to sell what we have, but I just can’t get them excited about this place!”

” How many customers have you personally talked to this month? ” I asked

” I don’t take ups”.  He responded flatly

” I can’t help you” Was my response

If you Strive for Greatness, I don’t need to explain to you why I did not help.

But in case you are new to this business, or you are not familiar with this kind of thinking .

I will offer the following

90% of the time , if your sales are off,  YOUR EFFORT IS OFF 

If You were to land on Greener grass,( with the same thinking), you would kill that grass too.

Sounds harsh?  It is the truth.

Until you have exhausted every effort,

Until you have worked every prospect…

Until you have come in early, and stayed late,

Until you have studied and re learned every small detail of your process

Until you have pestered the daylights out of your Mentors and Trainers

Unless you have broken out the Windex and broom and cleaned the units, just to spend time learning all the little ins and outs

Until your exhausted from doing all the little things that aren’t in your Job description….

Until then,  Try making your own grass greener

Sell like your living depends on it


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