When I share the idea of living a Grateful life with Sales people I am met with Mixed reactions

Some embrace the idea of being thankful for the blessings we as Sales people enjoy,

Others roll their eyes at the thought .

I am with the Group that embrace the idea

So as we enter the Holiday Season and We are called upon to reflect on, and Count our Blessings,

I would like to take a moment andshare some things that we as Sales people should be thankful for ;

1. Be Thankful for the opportunities we take for granted every day

2. Be Thankful that our ability to grow our skills is limited only by our willingness to commit

3. Be Thankful that Your company still places value in the use of Sales Professionals

4. Be Thankful  for the Customers that trust us with their hard earned money

5. Be Thankful for every cold slice of pizza, Dinner left in the microwave, and missed evening

6. Be Thankful for the Spouses who understand the long hours and longer weeks

7. Be thankful for the men and Women who are fighting to give us the freedom to do what we do

Last but not least , I am thankful for those of you that follow this site,

and I welcome you to share what you are Thankful for in the comment section

Sell like your living depends on it

– Donnie


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