Ayden wants a Monster Truck

He is 3 years old , My Grandson , And I am convinced I will work for him one day.

“Its not about Mommies feelings, Its not about Mimi’s feelings,
They don’t want a toy Monster Truck…

I am the only one who really wants a toy Monster Truck ”

As I listen to his little Sales pitch, My wife looks at me smiling and asks ” What are you gonna do Pop Pop ?”

I’m going to buy him a Monster Truck.

I am not buying the toy just because he really wants it, although, that’s all the reason a Grandpa needs .

I will buy it for him because He took the time to eliminate any possible objection or obstacle before asking me for my business. He closed me

Build Value
Overcome objections
Ask for the Business

Maybe you’ll get a Monster deal !!

Sell like your living depends on it

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