I am a fan of  racing, I like it for the excitement and the strategy that goes into a win

Often when a driver takes the lead at a critical point in the race the Broadcasters will say that He is now ‘ driving with his rear view mirror .”

We as sales Professionals have to be incredibly focused on the Goal in front of us, we live daily with the reality that we must Push harder and Work smarter than we did yesterday.

Like the Driver I mentioned above, We must also be conscious of our rear view.

Just because You are out front doesn’t mean your competitors have stopped moving

We have to be aware that as bad as we want to own our Market, Someone else has made that their life’s ambition as well.

be aware of movement in your Market place.,

Don’t take your success for granted.

Work every day to be Sharper and More Driven to succeed than ever before .

Practice, Work and Prepare like the Win is on line,

Know your Processes and Product , be a Student of This profession

Challenge yourself Daily to reach a new plateau


Sell like your living depends on it

– Donnie

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