This time of year tends to bring about a lot of reflection and assessment of our lives.. .

This time of year tends to bring about a lot of time for reflection and assessment of our lives.. .

We tend to do a mental accounting of our victories and our failures, We then put the two stacks side by side and measure which stands taller.

If the Victory stack is taller we were successful, If the failures stand above we were failures.

I would propose that this time you take a different approach to your assessment of this past year

And assess  the Journey

I would propose five Questions and then Five affirmations

Five Honest Questions to ask yourself about this past Year

1. Did I work harder than I did last year ( A simple Question, don’t over think it, Did you work harder?)

2. Am I operating at a level that reflects my true ability ( Or are you simply trying to meet someone else’s standard?)

3.  Did I Learn this year ? ( When I stumbled did I blame someone or something, or did I hold myself accountable to learn from my mistakes?)

4. Did I actively seek out a Mentor or Training this year ( Personal commitment to growth is a KEY factor in your Success)

5. Did I contribute Positively to the life of someone else? ( Success is not measured in withdrawals it is measured in deposits)

And now 5 Affirmations for this coming Year

1. I will work harder this year

2. I will settle for NOTHING LESS than my very BEST

3. I will Seek out those people that can make a Positive difference in my life Financially, Spiritually, emotionally, and Physically

4. I will Treat my Failures as learning opportunities I will be a better person because of them

5. I will actively seek out someone I can help, Someone I can mentor, and someone I can rescue  I will be a Positive contributor in this journey

And as always,

Sell like your living depends on it

– Donnie

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