I get several emails a month asking for advice on getting Sales back on track.

This time of year I get an increased amount that contain Things like…
“It’s slow season” ,
“No one is buying” ,
“management isn’t advertising”,
” Everyone is slow”
” The weather is Horrible

and on and on I could go

If you have decided that your Road to the sale is a dead end, I would suggest that the problem is not the road…

1. Your skipping steps
The road to the sale doesn’t change, It is a constant path to consistent success.
Work with your customers the same way every time.
It doesn’t matter if there is 10 of them or 2 of them.
Slow down, Work the program, and the sales will come.

2. You’ve stopped training
Every Professional team begins It’s new season by training on the fundamentals.
Build redundancy into your process Now, and when the Season is in full swing you will be a finely tuned machine.

3. You’ve convinced your self that the business isn’t there
– Someone is shopping for your product right now, Their pleased to see that there are deals available, They appreciate that the crowds are smaller, and they can really spend some time in consideration. The question is… WHERE ARE YOU?
Are you the smoking area moaning about how slow it is?
Come to work EXPECTING to sell, Be prepared and ready, Operate with high energy and create your opportunity !!

4.You have allowed negativity to take hold of your thinking
Stop by your local book store and buy a good book, Dig out those training DVD’s you watched last year and watch them again. Become an encourager, bring a positive influence to those around you

Sell like your living depends on it
– Donnie

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