You are different

We don’t like being different,

It’s uncomfortable to do things differently,

It’s tough to feel successful when Our success doesn’t have the same appearance as our mentor or Peers

Comparison is a trap that we all fall into.  Even the most successful among us cannot help but measure ourselves against the accomplishments of another.  While it’s good to aspire to the level of another, We should be careful to remember that we will not achieve in exactly the same way

Keep these thoughts in mind When you find yourself feeling like you just don’t measure up …

1. It is Your reward you seek

You are not working for the reward of the “other” guy.  Your family will benefit from YOUR effort.  Do the things that bring you success and treat the success of another as a classroom .  Learn from their successes, but work for Your own

2. You have value

There is Greatness inside of you, learn to reach inward for momentum, The approval of other people is nice, but it’s a crutch that will cause you to devalue yourself and steer you off course

Work to duplicate their results , Pick up their Positive habits, Do not invest time in mimicking their personality, Or their Mannerisms


3. Your weaknesses are your opportunities

Be thankful when you realize that you are weak in an area, This is your opportunity to grow.   Work constantly on YOU, learn from the success of your peers, and discover how that looks on you

Sell like your living depends on it


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