Follow up is an art form

artA sale left un closed is a canvas waiting for a painter…..

But its not a blank canvas begging for thought and innovation.

It’s more like a “Paint by numbers” Canvas.  Ready for a disciplined approach to creating a finished work

Well here you are… They left without buying and Now the real effort must begin.

Whether you are following up by phone, email, or in person, the Steps to Success are the same:

  1. Restate / Reset  the Goals from your original meeting

Have their objectives changed since you last talked?

Is the product you originally showed still the front runner?

Have the player changed? New competitor in the mix?

2. Reinforce your value

What does your dealership / company do better than the marketplace

Sell the Brand benefits  ( Yours, and the vehicle)

How will doing business with you increase their satisfaction

Stress your long term partnership with them

3. Ramp up your game

get information to them quickly

Deliver more information than is required, and do it with a positive attitude

Go to work for their business as if they have already committed to you

Become their “GO TO” resource for comparative information

Ask for their return visit

Earn their business !!!

Sell like your living depends on it

  • Donnie

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