Avoiding “Customer disconnect”



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When we as Sales people grow, or the companies we work for expand, one of the biggest pitfalls that can  face us is Customer Disconnect

It is the moment that Our customer no longer feels a sense of community with us

If we were a big box store , or a chain of gas stations this would not be a worry, as Customers typically view these entities as touch and go .  Or just there for an immediate or frequent need

Our Customer shops less frequently, and needs to feel a sense of Reception and Gratitude from us.

How do we avoid disconnecting from our Customers ?

  1. Keep constant contact  ( Meaningful Contact)

Reach out often with New and better information., Or Real sentiment

Use your CRM to keep you familiar with the customer’s you have contact with

– Quick emails to let them know their favorite park just opened for the season

– A quick phone call to say that a popular accessory just went on sale

– A Birthday card

– Ownership anniversary card


2. Don’t Sell on Price

Simply pointing out the Price tags will make you seem just as shallow and uninvested as the big discount store ( nobody gives a sh*X  about  MRBIGMART )

Sure, you should point out an extraordinary value when it is in front of you,

But, even more important , is your  drawing a  line between the Customer’s needs and the Product’s ability to meet them.

And to be able to draw that line, you have to be connected on a level that puts the price in the back seat where it belongs


3.  Operate like a Neighbor

  • Be authentic – deception makes fast enemies
  • Be Careful –  Listen to them when they talk, observe their concerns
  • Be engaging –  Pull back the curtain, let the customer understand the process


Sell like your living depends on it…




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