Thinking like a machine will keep you selling like one !


This is the first Segment in a series I have been working on ;

Thinking Like a Machine Will keep you selling like one


Segment One:

A Machine is always a Machine

 and always the same type of machine

A Toaster doesn’t become a Laptop Computer. A Bicycle doesn’t try to vacuum the rugs, and my radio doesn’t Wash my Clothes

Each machine does as it was designed to do, and nothing more.

My Point  :  As a Sales Person we should never attempt to change our role, We are not “Counselors”, we are not “Advisors”, we are not “Product Specialists”,

We are Sales people, and our function is to turn Shoppers into Owners


Some reasons this is important  ;

Being clear on your role allows you to set realistic and well defined goals.

-Operating without a defined plan is dangerous to your earning potential


Clarify your objectives/ analyze your previous successes and failures

Being Clear on Your role allows you to ask for their Business.

– It is the expected end to the interaction. The Customer is expecting it and you do not risk offending them by behaving like a “sales Person”

Being Clear on your role allows you to EARN YOUR INCOME

    – Your Job description is your pay plan   Sales = commissions


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