Thinking Like a Machine will keep you selling like one Segment 2


Thinking like a machine Will keep you selling like one

Segment 1 Recap;

A machine is always a Machine

And always the same type of machine

Be clear on your role

A Salesperson should be Selling


Segment 2.

A Machine always Performs its task in the same way

Redundancy is Key to long term Success in sales

Redundancy allows you to professionally present your Product every time, to every one

Good presentations flow best when they are well rehearsed and intentionally deliver a lot of information in a brief span of time.  This can only be achieved with preparation and rehearsel

Redundancy  allows you to eliminate disconnects in communication

Nothing worse than having to ask ” What did I miss?”    Doing things the same way every time will eliminate that sinking feeling of being beat by your own lack

Redundancy Lets you Quickly understand How and Why a deal didn’t close

When  You are following a step by step process and you are unable to advance to the next step…

Sell like your living depends on it



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