Thinking like a Machine will keep you selling like one segment 3


In the First two segments we addressed the Process of the deal, And the benefit of redundancy.

As we continue on the thought of Thinking like a Machine …

A Machine will always completely finish it’s task before Starting again. ( And if it doesn’t We label it ” Out of Order”)

–> Whether there are 3 , 5, 7, or 9 steps to your selling system, Complete each one. And then start a new opportunity.

This isn’t to say that you should never have more than one Customer at a time,  It is meant to say That We earn the right to ask for their business by doing our Job completely .

Would it seem odd to hear that Sales people often spend hours with a customer and never ask for the Business ?    Odd , but true !

“How does this happen?” , you ask.

A lack of follow through is the simple answer.

With out a selling system there is nothing to indicate to the Sales person or the Customer that the time to buy is now.

Don’t find your self ” Out of order” ….  Sell like your living depends on it





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