Where is this Dinosaur?


We now live in the age when  some Companies are becoming heavily invested in the belief that traditional Sales roles are gone

We hear terms like ” Dinosaur”   ” Out dated”   ” Old School”

They have chosen rather to lean on the Internet, and this thinking  has changed the game

Hating the internet for changing the selling game is a waste of your time as a Sales professional. We should  be aware that the Customer can now educate themselves quickly, and read all of your reviews( Good and Bad ) before grabbing  your front door handle.

It is no secret that the web has exposed all of Our organizational weaknesses to the harshest of critics, and all of Our success to the Biggest of fans; The Buyer

But with all that being accepted, It has also become the great equalizer. You see, the internet doesn’t care how large or small of a retail operation you are. No, quite the opposite .

Thanks to the Web, You now stand just as tall, and reach just as far, as any other retailer in the Country.  Your opportunity is only limited by your willingness to understand and embrace the current selling environment

Just as hating the web is a waste of time, so also is discounting the importance of the Sales Professional.


We hear terms like ” Dinosaur”   ” Out dated”   ” Old School”

Brown Dinosaur Mascot

While the role of a Sales Professional has evolved, It certainly has not become extinct

We are no longer  the beginning of the Sales process, No We are in place much further in the process…

The early work is done, the great digital teams that each of us are blessed with

have done their part.

They have generated interest, and engaged the Customer on one of three areas;

Price, Merchandise or Destination

Within each of these engagements We as sales People have a definite role to play

  • Price ;  Your digital team has priced a unit in such a way that The Customer has set an expectation of finding his deal at Your store

Key to point out here, is that you should not be afraid of your company”s pricing strategy, but rather embrace it. The end goal of a Pricing strategy is to get a sale, and after all, isn’t that why you come to work? Your Price point should shout from the Webpage like a Billboard. It should be the loudest voice in the room.


  1. A giant flashing arrow pointing right at You, The sales Person
  2. Anything that your Company can do to get you the deal quicker they should do . and do it consistently .
  3. This is the most common of internet shopper. They have combed every website that Google has served up to them , They have found Your Company, and they have found you.  The Sales Professional
  • Merchandise ;  This customer is settled on the Name plate or Type of product they have a desire to Purchase. They have searched the Web for the items that are specific to their use, their interests and their Activities. They have asked The Marketplace to produce not just any product, but THEIR Product. Their Safari has taken them past all of the other Sites and landed them on yours, And now they have met You, The Sales Professional

Your digital team, or your manufacturer, has presented your product in such a way that the customer has set an expectation of finding his “Unicorn”, at Your store



They are the buyers that have done the work, put in the time and research to discover how your product will enhance their life style.

  1. Most often the type or features of your product will be the primary motivator, This is much more important to the end user than the name on the side.
  2. Be it the ever rare “Brand loyalist”, or the Showroom avoiding explorer

They have now Met You, The sales Professional

Destination; Here is the Buyer that has searched the web for an Experience.   They are looking to interact with a company that shares their interests and understands the passion they have for the product.

They have watched videos, read reviews and engaged in forums and groups that will discuss for hours your product and your company

This buyer is buying you as much as the product.

Your Company has done a great job of presenting themselves as the destination for everything this buyer has in mind for His purchase opportunity

And now they have met You    The Sales Professional

Eventually, the Consumer will want to touch and feel the product.   They will need someone to represent the industry, and the product from a Personal perspective.  And while many have adopted the philosophy that any untrained associate can make this happen, this belief is at the peril of the bottom line.


In the coming posts we will look at defining Our role as it is



Sell like Your living depends on it


” Dinosaur,Outdated, and Old School”







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