“I have worked with Don Blanz on many occasions and found him to be a goal driven problem solver who will not rest until all tasks are successfully completed. Don understands and relates to employees and customers in a manner that earns their respect and trust.

Dons organizational skills allow him to make decisions based on current, accurate and correct information which in the end results in profitability for any group or organization he associates himself. I would highly recommend Don to anyone who is looking for a task oriented goal driven associate to execute their business plan and improve a companies bottom line.” October 4, 2011

1st Kevin McMahon, National Sales Manager, Coachmen Industries
was a consultant or contractor to Don at Lees Country RV

“Don is a great business partner/General Manager with integrity and extensive managerial experiences with a proven track record on increased profits and company growth. I have seen Don handle the most delicate customer situations to where both, the customer and business, are winners. I highly recommend Don personally and professionally to grow your companies’ bottom line.” May 19, 2011

1st Dan Gill, National Sales/Product Development Manager, Coachmen RV
was with another company when working with Don at Lees Country RV

“I am pleased to recommend Don. His ability to train and motivate others is second to none. Don also possesses a thorough knowledge of the industry and outstanding closing skills. He plays a valuable role in the success of this organization.” December 6, 2011

1st Tom Collins, Sales Professional, Boat N RV MegaStore
worked indirectly for Don at Boat N RV

“It was an extreme pleasure working for Mr Blanz during my time at Boat N RV South Carolina. You always had the feeling that he was sincerely driven to excellence in sales and management. His personality made him very approachable and respected by all who worked for him. I know Mr Blanz spends much of his personal time training to become a better salesman and leader for his company. His commitment to excellence in and out of the office make Don Blanz an asset to whomever is fortunate enough to have him represent their company. The business world could only hope to have more managers like Don Blanz with both talent and compassion. He will only improve your company both by the numbers and with morale…Best of luck to you Don, not that you’ll need it!” December 6, 2011

1st Brian Hughes, Sales Executive, Boat N RV
reported to Don at Boat N RV

“I’ve know Don for more than a year and have found him devoted, honest and skilled, as a manager and a salesperson. He is dedicated and caring in his work and family. His attention to detail and persistance in getting the job done is an inspiration with his ability to train others, passing along his knowledge and building the skills of others.” May 9, 2011

1st Bruce Cisne, Senior Program Director, Remote Technology
reported to Don at Boat N RV

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