I get several emails a month asking for advice on getting Sales back on track.

This time of year I get an increased amount that contain Things like…
“It’s slow season” ,
“No one is buying” ,
“management isn’t advertising”,
” Everyone is slow”
” The weather is Horrible

and on and on I could go

If you have decided that your Road to the sale is a dead end, I would suggest that the problem is not the road…

1. Your skipping steps
The road to the sale doesn’t change, It is a constant path to consistent success.
Work with your customers the same way every time.
It doesn’t matter if there is 10 of them or 2 of them.
Slow down, Work the program, and the sales will come.

2. You’ve stopped training
Every Professional team begins It’s new season by training on the fundamentals.
Build redundancy into your process Now, and when the Season is in full swing you will be a finely tuned machine.

3. You’ve convinced your self that the business isn’t there
– Someone is shopping for your product right now, Their pleased to see that there are deals available, They appreciate that the crowds are smaller, and they can really spend some time in consideration. The question is… WHERE ARE YOU?
Are you the smoking area moaning about how slow it is?
Come to work EXPECTING to sell, Be prepared and ready, Operate with high energy and create your opportunity !!

4.You have allowed negativity to take hold of your thinking
Stop by your local book store and buy a good book, Dig out those training DVD’s you watched last year and watch them again. Become an encourager, bring a positive influence to those around you

Sell like your living depends on it
– Donnie

My Christmas Wish for you

For all my loyal Readers, Let me say thank you for being a part of this site, I hope I have helped you in some way this past Year

It is My Christmas ( and New Years ) wish for each of you that you will continue to search for and find the GREATNESS that is inside of you.

Next Year as in Year’s past We are looking forward to some exciting changes to this site, making it more mobile friendly and adding Video content.  Please continue to spread the word about Selling4aliving.com,  The site will remain free, and I will continue to NOT offer any paid content.

God has Blessed us this past year with new readers and I have heard from many of you.  As some of you are aware I chose not to merge this site with a Company that reached out to us, instead we will continue to grow organically, and remain free to anyone who would find value in our offerings.

Next year I will be offering the opportunity for Readers to submit content to add to the site, If you would like to add value to what we do here, Please email me and let me know

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and GOD bless you

This time of year tends to bring about a lot of reflection and assessment of our lives.. .

This time of year tends to bring about a lot of time for reflection and assessment of our lives.. .

We tend to do a mental accounting of our victories and our failures, We then put the two stacks side by side and measure which stands taller.

If the Victory stack is taller we were successful, If the failures stand above we were failures.

I would propose that this time you take a different approach to your assessment of this past year

And assess  the Journey

I would propose five Questions and then Five affirmations

Five Honest Questions to ask yourself about this past Year

1. Did I work harder than I did last year ( A simple Question, don’t over think it, Did you work harder?)

2. Am I operating at a level that reflects my true ability ( Or are you simply trying to meet someone else’s standard?)

3.  Did I Learn this year ? ( When I stumbled did I blame someone or something, or did I hold myself accountable to learn from my mistakes?)

4. Did I actively seek out a Mentor or Training this year ( Personal commitment to growth is a KEY factor in your Success)

5. Did I contribute Positively to the life of someone else? ( Success is not measured in withdrawals it is measured in deposits)

And now 5 Affirmations for this coming Year

1. I will work harder this year

2. I will settle for NOTHING LESS than my very BEST

3. I will Seek out those people that can make a Positive difference in my life Financially, Spiritually, emotionally, and Physically

4. I will Treat my Failures as learning opportunities I will be a better person because of them

5. I will actively seek out someone I can help, Someone I can mentor, and someone I can rescue  I will be a Positive contributor in this journey

And as always,

Sell like your living depends on it

– Donnie

Ayden wants a Monster Truck

He is 3 years old , My Grandson , And I am convinced I will work for him one day.

“Its not about Mommies feelings, Its not about Mimi’s feelings,
They don’t want a toy Monster Truck…

I am the only one who really wants a toy Monster Truck ”

As I listen to his little Sales pitch, My wife looks at me smiling and asks ” What are you gonna do Pop Pop ?”

I’m going to buy him a Monster Truck.

I am not buying the toy just because he really wants it, although, that’s all the reason a Grandpa needs .

I will buy it for him because He took the time to eliminate any possible objection or obstacle before asking me for my business. He closed me

Build Value
Overcome objections
Ask for the Business

Maybe you’ll get a Monster deal !!

Sell like your living depends on it



I am a fan of  racing, I like it for the excitement and the strategy that goes into a win

Often when a driver takes the lead at a critical point in the race the Broadcasters will say that He is now ‘ driving with his rear view mirror .”

We as sales Professionals have to be incredibly focused on the Goal in front of us, we live daily with the reality that we must Push harder and Work smarter than we did yesterday.

Like the Driver I mentioned above, We must also be conscious of our rear view.

Just because You are out front doesn’t mean your competitors have stopped moving

We have to be aware that as bad as we want to own our Market, Someone else has made that their life’s ambition as well.

be aware of movement in your Market place.,

Don’t take your success for granted.

Work every day to be Sharper and More Driven to succeed than ever before .

Practice, Work and Prepare like the Win is on line,

Know your Processes and Product , be a Student of This profession

Challenge yourself Daily to reach a new plateau


Sell like your living depends on it

– Donnie


When I share the idea of living a Grateful life with Sales people I am met with Mixed reactions

Some embrace the idea of being thankful for the blessings we as Sales people enjoy,

Others roll their eyes at the thought .

I am with the Group that embrace the idea

So as we enter the Holiday Season and We are called upon to reflect on, and Count our Blessings,

I would like to take a moment andshare some things that we as Sales people should be thankful for ;

1. Be Thankful for the opportunities we take for granted every day

2. Be Thankful that our ability to grow our skills is limited only by our willingness to commit

3. Be Thankful that Your company still places value in the use of Sales Professionals

4. Be Thankful  for the Customers that trust us with their hard earned money

5. Be Thankful for every cold slice of pizza, Dinner left in the microwave, and missed evening

6. Be Thankful for the Spouses who understand the long hours and longer weeks

7. Be thankful for the men and Women who are fighting to give us the freedom to do what we do

Last but not least , I am thankful for those of you that follow this site,

and I welcome you to share what you are Thankful for in the comment section

Sell like your living depends on it

– Donnie

Greener Grass

I recently received a call from a General Manager that is a regular reader of this Website

The conversation went like this

” Donnie Can you help me get a position within your company? I am just not making a living here”

I asked him what he thought was impacting his sales efforts

” The Dealer is too small” he stressed the word small. ” We have just two sales people and a small inventory, We just aren’t selling enough product and this guy won’t order any more.”  ” I have tried to convince the owner that we can’t sell this stuff, Its wrong for our market and we lack variety. He keeps telling me to get the sales people motivated to sell what we have, but I just can’t get them excited about this place!”

” How many customers have you personally talked to this month? ” I asked

” I don’t take ups”.  He responded flatly

” I can’t help you” Was my response

If you Strive for Greatness, I don’t need to explain to you why I did not help.

But in case you are new to this business, or you are not familiar with this kind of thinking .

I will offer the following

90% of the time , if your sales are off,  YOUR EFFORT IS OFF 

If You were to land on Greener grass,( with the same thinking), you would kill that grass too.

Sounds harsh?  It is the truth.

Until you have exhausted every effort,

Until you have worked every prospect…

Until you have come in early, and stayed late,

Until you have studied and re learned every small detail of your process

Until you have pestered the daylights out of your Mentors and Trainers

Unless you have broken out the Windex and broom and cleaned the units, just to spend time learning all the little ins and outs

Until your exhausted from doing all the little things that aren’t in your Job description….

Until then,  Try making your own grass greener

Sell like your living depends on it



If you are a regular reader of this site you know I tend to keep my posts trending on the Motivational side. I Try to use daily practical examples of success and the elements that are needed to attain Greatness in this profession.

The last few years have given us some extraordinary examples of Success, and More to the point of today’s post,

Examples of Success after Failure.

I find myself thinking a lot about the topic of restoration in these days we are living “Post Recession” . As I see great Business Men and Women, who experienced crushing failures a few short years ago, Rise once again to Greatness.

I find Certain qualities that seem to run in a common vein with these Success stories ;

1. Tenacity – That sheer will to recover, and that irresistible desire to become even Better than the past. These people aren’t reaching just to regain their former Success They are extending past it. The fear of failure no longer cripples them, they are not afraid of the “Bottom” They have been there and they have beaten it.

2. Redundancy – Embracing a winning system and learning to repeat Winning behaviors. Building a Business into a Model for future sustained success. This isn’t to say that they don’t ebb and flow, or to say that they never change. They are forever Changing. They have just learned how to take the Positive elements of the plan and repeat them .

3. Faith – This topic always brings controversy, I’ll just simply say You can achieve some success with out it, But faith brings with it principles, Guidance and boundaries . I believe we as Human Beings need these in order to Sustain any level of true Success.

4. Passion – This gets them up early, and fills their dreams!! It drives them in even the smallest task. It is the quality I admire most and the quality I see most predominately in Truly Great Sales People
Passion = commitment
Passion = Attitude
Passion = work ethic
Passion = SUCCESS

Sell like your living depends on it
– Donnie



The first time i ever saw a Skyscraper, I was around 10 years old.
My family did a lot of traveling, and I really couldn’t tell you what city I was in,
or for that matter what Country.

I looked at that huge building and asked myself “Isnt anyone worried about it falling over?”
I could feel my little heart begin to race with the fear of this enormous structure tumbling.
I said something about this fear out loud, and my Sister Angela told me sternly ” It’s not possible!”

hearing this affirmation immediately had an impact on my scared mind and racing heart. I was calm once again

Our Mind, with all of its wonderous ability is so easily impacted by Negativity.
We are forced to become experts in managing the input of information and suggestion.

Here are three Tips for managing your Mind;

1. Avoid Known sources of Negativity
Stop it at the source.!”
Negative people, Bad TV, even your own mood swings, are just a few examples of sources that need to be quelled

2. Stay out of the Excuse Making business
The minute we allow negativity to enter our thought process , We begin to make excuses.
Our mind begins to justify Our lack. If left unchecked We will convince Ourselves of Failure.

3. Feed Your Mind with Positive influences
Seek out Solid Motivated people, Surround yourself with Positive information and Successful energy
Allow yourself to become convinced of your inevitable SUCCESS

Sell like your living depends on it
– Donnie

* Please take a moment and share in the comments some of the Positive influences in your life



– Take ownership of customer complaints and get them to the right help
– Fix what you can, and be honest about what you cannot do

– constant contact is crucial to your success
– Call with purpose Have good information and a reason for calling

– Work the shift no one wants
– Always be the source of the “tough” answers
– Be willing to stretch past the “normal” deals
– Be available when the competition isn’t

– Avoid the hang out crowd
– Remember the 3 Be’s Be at your Desk/Be on the lot / Be on your phone
– Don’t waste your or the dealership’s time. When you’re at work, be working
– Be your own luck- ” The harder I work the luckier I get”

– Answer it quickly
– Give all information that is requested
– Spellcheck
– Ask your internet prospects for their business, (sounds simple, But you’d be surprised how often this isn’t done)

– Too often our moral compass disappears when money is on the line Your’s should stay
– Answer questions honestly even when you are in the wrong
– Answer all requests to work outside of ethical boundaries with a firm NO, regardless of who is asking


– tHE NUMBER ONE MOTIVATOR in a vehicle purchase is YOU
– Genuinely listen to what is being said
– I want you to forget the mental “Chess Match” that your old school co-worker is telling you about. Instead, try this : actually listen to what your customer is saying, Show the vehicle that best meets his/her needs, and ask him/her to buy it HUH?!

– From the GM to the Janitor every single one contributes in some way to the sale of your vehicles. Show appreciation, work with an attitude of Gratitude. Be a source of Positive energy in the dealership

– I know this is my “catch phrase” but I mean it, Our selling makes great things possible in our lives for our selves and our families