I imagine you just bought a brand new car, Bright and Shiny, fast and sleek. Now imagine right in the center of the console a Red button marked “self Destruct” .

What would be your instruction to passengers and potential drivers of the car ?
How would you handle that button ?

It’s an absurd thought isn’t it , to even think that we would destroy a Car intentionally, or allow someone else to destroy it

Funny thing,( Or not so funny.) A Sales Career comes with that button. We have the ability to destroy ourselves.

Sometimes the button is obvious
It’s the Bad attitude that we feel coming on.
It’s the dissatisfaction that swells in us when things aren’t going well and the deals aren’t delivering.
We see this destruction coming, and If were smart we find a way to disarm the Negative impact.
We train , we read, We seek Positive influences , we pray We do what it takes to turn that button off

Other times That button is not so obvious
It shows up masked in pride
– Hey no one likes to admit when we screw up, but we do screw up. Hiding the facts, or lieing to cover it up is just simple self-destruction. Even if you get away with it, I assure you, It will come back to haunt you.
It shows up in our competitive nature
– Dont misunderstand me, I like Good Competition,
and I hope your never in a “fair” fight. An unfair competitive advantage is how we always want to engage with our competitors.
But don’t fall into the trap of misinformation and false statements about the “Other Guys”
It will one day cost your credibility and Your Sales. If their good, Say their good, and Find a way to be better.
It shows up in our Greed
Make lots of Money ! But be proud of how you earn every penny, Sell in a way your family can be proud of, Be one of the Good Guys, BE GREAT

Sell like your living depends on it
– Donnie

It Should feel like WORK

Because it is !!

I have to say , whoever coined the phrase “Do what you love and it wont feel like work” Surely wasn’t a Professional Sales Person !!

If your giving this great profession your best, work will be exactly what it feels like. And why not? It’s that feeling that lets us know we are operating at our fullest potential.

When it doesnt feel like work, Your not working !!

I love what I do, and frankly I want it to feel like work , I want to go home tired, before you tune me out,
consider these thoughts…

I want to feel it when its going Great
– You know that good kinda tired, when you get home peel of your shoes and reflect on a great day. When you hug your Sweetheart and say ” I love what I do!” The kind of tired that leaves you sitting with a satisfied smile and a full bank account.
This is where you find momentum you didnt know you had, Courage to reach farther and the Daring to Dream BIG DREAMS.
This is where you shine
That kind of tired that makes you long to get back tomorrow and do it all over again !!

I need to feel it when the going is tough
– This is that painfull work, the work of accountability. This is that long look into the mirror, The Challenge to those strained , tired eyes looking back at you. This the gut wrenching stuff that makes you better , faster, and Out front of Yesterday. This is where the Great Ones are formed, Where the ideas are born and the groundwork for success is laid.
This feels like work. This is work.

Sell like your living depends on it


We have all seen the Guy that floats in and out of his work day,Operating without passion or commitment.

And if your like me, you have scratched your head and wondered How can he be successful?

He isn’t.

1. Short term bursts of accomplishment are possible without Passion. Long term Success is not
– It looks like success from the outside, but on the inside he is panicked by the thought
that his luck could run out at any moment.( and eventually it will )
Sooner or later he’ll find himself face to face with the uncertainty of a career built on lucky shots

2. Hard Work will propel even “average” talent to the top
– You’ve have seen it over and over, The “Superstars” wasting their time arguing with management over perks and privileges that they want , while the “Average” guy just kept plugging away at the job. At the end of the day the work became the reward and the perk became an expensive consolation prize

3. Luck and Success are not related
” Lucky” deals happen. Right place, right time, right buyer.
They are a lot of fun.
They are not the foundation to build a career on.
Many a lottery winner is now broke !
I will take effort over luck every time.

Sell like your living depends on it


1. We are in the “Right now “ business
– Your Customers expect urgency
– You must recognize that Time kills Deals
– Gather accurate information quickly and operate from the platform of Getting the deal done !!

2. We survive by pleasing Customers
– Strive to under promise and over deliver
– Be trust worthy
– Every department must operate with a “Customer First” attitude
– Every person who comes in contact with a Customer must be centered on that customer’s wants and needs

3. We are Professional’s and we need to act like it
– Watch your language,
No profanity
Avoid slang
Avoid industry “lingo”
– Dress for the part, Clean, pressed, moderate clothing

4. Understand that there is no “2nd Place “
– There is either a sale made or there isn’t
– Every opportunity has to be worked as if it will not happen again
– There is no such thing as TOO MUCH EFFORT
– Someday isn’t coming, Today is here

– Disclose every detail in writing
– Communicate the customer’s expectations to Service in writing
– Use email to confirm all aspects of the delivery
– Avoid “post its” “scratch paper” or other temporary means of note taking
– Document every conversation and relay relevant information to all concerned
– Your worst ink pen is better than your memory

– Greatness and luck are not related
– Well rehearsed presentations are key to closing deals
– An answered question is a stepping stone to gaining the order
– Products change , Companies change, You should too
– Tired minds produce tired results

– When you contribute to the success of another you experience success
– In order to train, you must first be trained win / win
– Your success is not measured in dollars it is measured in DONORS

– Where the desire to buy exists there is a way
– Even “lookers” have value – Practice/drill/rehearse
– Not qualifying is a prescription for failure
– Treat every customer with dignity and respect
– Opportunity comes to those who are looking for it

– Your income is on the line
– Be early
– Be ready
– Have a plan
– Sales is a merit based industry
– Yesterday is gone
– It is today ALL DAY
– Tomorrows planning begins today

– We can call ourselves consultants,associates,advocates,
Advisors, or friends BUT WE ARE SALES PEOPLE
– The customer understands this, It is foolish to disguise your intentions
– Buyers Buy & Sellers sell keep it simple

– Identify your income streams
– Identify specifically what produces each stream
– Devote the largest amount of time to the largest stream
– Develop smaller streams into larger producers
– Put in the time/effort/energy

– Nail down every deal
– Make concise clear commitments
– Don’t count the money til its in your hand



The Urge to Fly, This is a name I gave to a very common set of emotions that sometimes overtake even the best Sales people

Lets admit some things to ourselves,

A. The hours can get long
B. The pressure to perform can get Stressfull
C. Our Families often don’t “get it”
D. Feast and Famine are common occurrences sometimes even in the same week

This business of Sales is the Craziest way to make a living. It is both rewarding and Punishing.
It often takes from you as much as it gives.

And that is why we get the Urge to Fly

That overwhelming moment when we just want to throw our hands up and shout ENOUGH!!!!!!

But its important to remember that this is just a MOMENT. It is not the time to make Life altering decisions, Not the time to hit the brakes and Certainly not the time to take flight.

It is the time for self assessment – Brutal honesty about who you are and how your doing.

It is the time for Hard work- Sling more effort at success , Double down on your commitment

It is the time Breath – Three deep breaths, a brisk walk and back into the Fight !!

It is the time to remember there IS Greatness inside of you

Don’t run from this moment RUN towards Success

The Variable

Dont get in the EXCUSE MAKING business

Its easy to find yourself in the position to offer excuses for poor performence

There are plenty of Sales people willing to join in and reinforce the mindset. The Chorus rings out nation wide at times

” The Economy is bad and no one is buying ”
” The Weather is Horrible, and no one is buying ”
” The selection /pricing/Floorplans are all wrong”
” My team mates are taking all the “Good” prospects”
” The boss flooded the floor ”

And the list goes on and on

These excuses are like aspirin for Tooth aches, It may ease the pain for a while , but the problem remains the same.

Lets look at the truth of the matter

Their are buyers in any market ALL of the time.
Your product sells in any weather – It may be a tougher Sale, but it will sell ( BTW The weather is always good on the Web)
The economy doesnt buy RV’s / Cars/ Boats / Homes , People do

The Variable between a Great Month and a Bad Month is You…

YOUR commitment to success
YOUR willingness to do what it takes
YOUR passion
YOUR Work ethic

Dont allow excuses to drive your thinking. When it takes over your mind your production will follow.
When you find yourself with less than desireable results ask ” How can I change me? ”

Can I reach more people?
Can I polish my pitch?
Can I sling more effort at it ?
How I can I make a difference

Sell like your living depends on it

POP POP fix it…


This is the plea of my Young Grandson as he hands me the toy that no longer works…

I look at his Young wonderful face and see the confidence he has in me, “Pop Pop fix it “. Its not a question, its more of an affirmation, He is telling all that hear, that POP POP will fix it.

And my biggest desire in that moment, is to be the Man he needs me to be.

Some times the fix is easy, Just put a new battery in and I am an instant Superhero

Other times I just need to undo some minor change he has managed to make. He hit the wrong button, or Turned the Action figures’s arm too far back and just isnt strong enough to re align it. I Tweak the situation and I am The best POP POP in the World once again

Then there are the tough ones, The ones Pop Pop cant fix, Here is where we learn together.

We learn to look for solutions. We learn to look for advice.
We learn that we are a great team but we can always be better.
We learn together that some things are not able to be “fixed”.
We learn the value of a good cry.
We learn to find a better pursuit, or a different direction that leads to a better place.
We learn that sometimes our success isnt waiting where we thought it was, but we find it anyway.

And in the midst of this, I find lesson in success


A long time mentor of mine once described a Sales team as a bowl of vegetable soup. each Person an ingredient that added to the overall flavor of the soup.

I have carried that thought with me, and have often thought this way when adding to or subtracting from my team. I ask myself what flavor will this person bring, or what flavor might I lose.

I have also come to realize that not all soups taste the same. Often I will order from a menu and get a soup that tastes nothing like mine .

Perhaps they add an ingredient I don’t.

Or Perhaps they make better use of those ingredients.

Maybe, They have found a level of intensity that I have yet to discover…

So what makes the difference for us as Sales people ?
Why do some create more “flavor” than others?
What is the difference.

Most often the difference can be summed up in one word


The fire burning inside of you…. Your intense desire to achieve… That overwhelming sense of purpose
These are the factors that Create your Flavor !!

How do you impact the Flavor of your Soup?

The Alligator Pit


If you have been in Sales for longer than a day you have seen this Alligator Pit.

A gathering of thick skinned rascals with Big mouths , swinging tails and the ability to devour all who would approach.

They attempt to control the culture and tempo of a sales team, And often they succeed.

Look around, you will almost always find them. Maybe they are hanging outside, huddled up by the building in a cloud of smoke. Hiding from Management and bitching about the poor traffic.
Possibly, they are inside huddled up near the receptionist looking for the latest gossip.
Or worse yet they are “Hunting” the new guy, looking for a “split” , or trying to ruin him before he gets a chance to out sell them .

Regardless of their whereabouts my friends , take my advice and AVOID them !

There is no personal gain to come from an association with these Sales people. And worse yet, spend enough time with them and you will find you have become one of them .

I would caution you to observe five good habits that will keep you out of the ” Alligator Pit”

1. Seek positive interaction ;( and avoid negative interaction) Limit the circle of people that will influence you to only those that will build you up.
2. Find value in the TEAM ; . Remember the success or failure of a Selling Effort falls squarely on the shoulders of the sales team . Realize the value of your contribution and the contribution of your team mates
3. Do right ; ‘ nuff said.
4. Respect Leadership ; I could spend an entire post on these two words. A Solid leader is worth more to your success than a thousand ” Better Ideas” .
5.Do the work ; Stay busy by keeping busy ! You came in to sell , Keep your focus on selling and you will succeed

How do you handle the Alligators at your Dealership? How does your company react to them?
I would love to read your comments

Sell like your living depends on it

A Controlled Explosion???

Recently on Fox News I watched a power plant in Florida that was demolished by a series of “Controlled explosions “.

As I watched the prep work for the explosion, I noticed the fire trucks and ambulances standing by. The braodcaster touched briefly on their presence, saying ; ” You never know.”

I chuckled to myself as I thought ” The reality here is that there are timed explosions, and there are deliberate explosions, but I doubt very seriously if there is anything that can be named a “Controlled explosion”. It seems to me the very fact that it EXPLODES, indicates an element of Chaos, and a lack of control.

This is a lot like a sales person who is demolishing his Career, …

1. He has the illusion of control ;
Taking shortcuts, skipping steps to get to the fast results. Writing the bad paper, it all feels like control, but it just ends in the explosion and debris of a shattered effort.
His attitude explodes , His discipline explodes, and eventually he is left in the rubble, blaming the Manager, The market and the Buyers

Just as the power plant wasnt built over night, So also a Sales Career is not “Born” in an instant. But all of the years of work and effort can come crashing down in the face of “explosions”.

So here is the good news, just as the safety vehicles were standing by, We as sales people have our own safety measures
-Good Sales management will always be available to a Sales person in need of a course correction. If you feel yourself losing discipline and focus seek out good coaching. Set aside pride and ego, and get help
– Peer support is another great resource. I remind my team often “when you can’t stand up, get propped up.” Seek out positive energy and good advice from your team mates. Remember sometimes preventing an unwanted explosion is just a matter of handing over the Switch and letting a cooler head prevail.

How do you prevent destructive behavior in your career ? Share in the comments

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