What to do when it all goes wrong

So.. we have lots of places to look that will happily tell us what to do to gain results. There are plenty of advisors that will counsel on how to get to the top of this great field .

So what do we do when we are following all the good advice , and we have instituted all the protocols, and it still falls apart.

Where do we turn when we have done everything right and gotten the wrong results ?

What do we do when it all goes wrong…

1. Don’t panic.
Steer with a steady hand Keep your eyes forward and your emotions in check. Remember, desperate people do desperate things. You are not desperate, You are a Professional.

2. Be prepared to put in the work.
The tendency of most people is to surrender to the waters that would drown them. They tire from the fight and give up in defeat. We all have that moment, When our gut has wrenched enough, Our Mind is exhausted, and we simply lack the will to keep trying.
It is the effort put in just after that near collapse that will determine your victory.
This is not the easy work, It’s not the quick fix, it’s the set jaw and deliberate effort that comes from that place deep inside that just won’t give up .

3. Accept no excuse for failure
(The worst of all lies is the lie we tell ourselves .)
Failing is easy , it simply requires that we give up and stop trying .
Failure is not a destiny. it is a choice.
We must choose NOT to fail.
Any reason we give ourselves for failure must be flat rejected. We must succeed. We must choose success

Remember there is greatness inside of you, even when you don’t feel great, It is still there !!

Sell like your living depends on it




Those that reach the pinnacle of the selling profession know this principle trait well.

You see the hallmark of success has never been the amount of money you make, although that is certainly a benefit of sales success. It is in fact the number of lives you influence


If you have been in sales for any length of time at all, someone has mentored you at some time.
Chances are good, that someone was not in a position that REQUIRED them too .
Rather, odds are, that those that mentored you most positively, are Sales people who took of themselves and poured into you


Fill a cup past the brim, and someone or something is going to get wet !!
When A Professional sales person is experiencing the benefits of being at the top of his or her game, It is a natural extension to want to share that success with the team around them.
That is exactly what the best in our business do


When I came into sales, it was into a small office supply company.
I sold office equipment on the road to various businesses in Indiana. One of my clients was an RV dealer.
I had the opportunity to show this dealer a copier.
About thirty minutes into the presentation, he asked me rather plainly, ” Do you know how to close me?” .
I had to admit to him, and to myself, I didn’t even know what the word close meant.
He made me the offer that changed my life. He did not offer me a job.
However, he told me if I would come by once a week, he would teach me how to sell .
We set the day for Tuesdays, (he bought the copier incidently), and my path of learning had begun.
This man had no reason to invest his time or energy into me. He owned a small dealership, and had no budget for another sales person. He simply understood the principle of an out pouring nature.
Three years later I went to work for that same dealership, and I was there for close to 17 years. I began as a salesperson, and eventually held the position of GM. I would have never experienced sales success were it not for this Out pouring in my life.
I have seen this principle first hand.

Sell like your living depends on it



Every sales person has someone who they are ultimately accountable too The greatest in our profession hold themselves to a higher standard than others expect of them


You won’t find the best in the sales game taking part in slippery snake oil selling. They know that at the end of the day deceit brings defeat
You’ll find them working hard to be sure that every detail of a transaction is disclosed, every promise kept, and even if it means losing the deal, every fault uncovered.
A true sales professional understands that along with his money, a customer also spends his trust. This expenditure means something special to a truly great Salesperson .


A mentor of mine once told me that when you point a finger at someone else the fingers left balled up in your palm all pointed back at you.
The Greatest among us do not waste time with the blame game, They step up and take full responsibility for the success or failure of every transaction.
They are the first to check the details, The first to admit fault , And usually the first on the scene with a solution .


Whatever it takes. We hear this phrase a lot in sales . Have you ever had the pleasure of seeing this attitude in action? It is truly amazing to watch a sales person who is committed to the process work.
This Salesperson is relentless in the pursuit of perfection. Their customer feels appreciated in the process and their company is profitable. They settle for no less that the best effort they can put forth, and accept nothing less from those around them . It really is a joy to be a part of

The most striking fact is this, no one has to ask that they step up this level. The Great ones require this of themselves.

Sell like your living depends on it


Intense Energy

INTENSE ENERGY from Miriam Webster (isnt it interesting that the definition of Intense contains the word energy) hmmm

: marked by or expressive of great zeal, energy, determination, or concentration <intense effort>
It starts when your eyes open in the morning !
I describe it like a big bass drum beating in my chest.
Your eyes open and into your inner man bursts a day full of opportunity .


The excitement of this new day just can’t be contained, It is settled briefly for some quiet time, Morning devotions , or reflection, but this time only serves to direct the energy.

Now plan the day,
What does it take to be great today?
This amazing opportunity has to be shared !! Who will you call ?
How will You get in front of new prospects today?
How will You show yesterday’s customer that I appreciate the confidence he put in me?
How will You reward your family for their support
The energy is now being focused into a deliberate well structured force


This increased focus, and directed energy will positively impact every facet of a Sales person’s day
It serves as the fuel that keeps You on track, and the gust of wind that carries You over obstacles,

Its the intangible quality that sets him apart from the competition
Its the Signal that tells the management that you are the right salesperson for the job
It’s the rally cry that draws the team to You for leadership
It’s the personal commitment that keeps you earning despite bad economic times, or Market trends



When I was 12 or 13 , I asked my father for an electric guitar.
Now you need to know two things .

One, my father was a Military man, we lived in base apartment housing in Germany .
Two, I was a huge fan of KISS, and had the continuing problem of not turning the volume down on my stereo.

I am sure these two facts weighed heavily on my parent’s mind when they made their decision.

For Christmas I received an accoustic guitar.

” Learn to play this one, and I’ll buy an electric. ” My father made me one of what would be many committments tied to a life lesson.
I worked at it for what seemed like forever ( actually about three months).
I would walk proudly to the living room and pluck out a simple tune for my mother, who was encouraging and irritated at the same time. ( A quality Mother’s have ) .
But then summer came, and I was once again off doing what boys do. Bike riding, Playing ball, Chasing girls , all sorts of non guitar related conquests.

Several years passed before I bought my first of many electric guitars. And several more years passed before It dawned on me that I could have achieved the feat Years earlier.

Here are the 4 lessons Joe and Sandy Blanz hoped I would get ;

– With a little Passion, we pursue goals , With A lot of Passion we attain them.

– Work brings with it reward. There is no shortcut to success.

– A Man will always find a way to do What is truly important to him

– Accoustic guitars are quieter and more suited for apartment living ( Just saying )

SUCCEED like your living depends on it

Jailbreak your mind

Jail breaking is an expression that refers to opening a cellpphone up to receive a lot more applications and perform a lot more functions

It is frowned upon by Cell phone manufacturers and cell service providers.

How ever, to borrow this phrase, We as sales people NEED to Jail break our minds !

— Open your mind to new applications !
Amazon.com , this morning, has 18,810 listings for “self help” under the sub catagory of “Success” .
This I will guarantee; somewhere in those vast pages is something “NEW” for you.
While browsing in Dollar Tree with my wife this weekend I picked up two books on success for $1.00 each. Both were Authors I had never heard of, but they took the time to share their experiences in attaining success, and I value that. I will find something “NEW” in these pages.

— Expand Your abilities
There simply is no better use for your time than to develop a better you.
Yesterdays standard of excellence is no longer good enough . You are now tasked with raising the bar.
How will you reach Tomorrows goal with Yesterdays effort?
We must be better, We must expand and grow, WE MUST BE GREAT

—- Overcome your fears
Fear imprisons you, It chokes away your confidence and stifles your effort.
You simply do not have the time for fear, It is a luxury best reserved for those with no ambition and no Dreams.
launch NO count down, or “READY SET GO…” Your ready, Your talented, You are committed, so get to it !!!

As always,
Sell like your living depends on it

When Sales Management is strengthened

My previous addressed a few things that weaken our Sales Managers

This post will address the opposite , or What is it that strengthens our Sales Managers

1. Our attention to detail

     Sales people that commit to a systematic approach strengthen their Management and as a result,  the team .   Allowing Ourselves to be a part of the flow keeps our Manager able to focus his attention on a larger picture.   Time spent fighting the program, is wasted energy.   Remember, Sometimes the squeeky wheel just gets replaced .


2. Our willingness to learn

     Meetings and training are done with the purpose of making the team better.  But what good is a training session that isnt applied?   When we  are good, we should be searching for GREAT.  When we are great , we should be reaching for World Class.   As we increase in skill and success, we PUSH our Manager to a new level of leadership. 

3. Our Positive Attitude

  I have been told I spend to much time on this topic , but I am convinced that there is no bigger contributer to success than our attitude.  A team focused on the positive is unstoppable and It’s Manager is unbeatable.  ‘ nuff said


Sell like your living depends on it




When Sales Management is weakened

A successful sales Manager has to be a bit of a Director, Counselor, and Mentor. It is a position that requires more than just sales skill, He must be able to lead.

There are some things that will weaken a Sales Manager’s leadership and thereby weaken the team .

We fall into this trap because sometimes it is easier to put up with the mess than make a change . But bad habits weaken you as a leader and cost you the respect of the players on your team that are trying to do things right. The old saying one bad apple spoils the bunch is true.
A strong Sales manager will point out laziness and poor work habits. Call it what it is, and address it.

How many times I have seen this , A salesman who is with a team for years and years, just floating along because of a sense of misplaced loyalty. The team soon emulates his work ethic, and the results show it.
” Old Joe has been here forever ! He doesn’t sell much, and he thinks he is entitled to special treatment. But its Old Joe and what do you do ? ”
Answer : The same quotas and expectations that are placed on the rest of the team apply to “Old Joe” as well. This is a MERIT based position. Loyalty is appreciated and valued, BUT performance is REQUIRED.

We are paid to lead.
Our value comes from that leadership.
Teams follow leaders.
We are not always going to be liked. It is just a simple truth of Leadership , sometimes we will be unpopular. Our principles will overcome this situation and the resulting success of the team will complement our position.
As a leader you have to respect and give place to the opinions of the team, However you must keep your focus on the goal . Accept and implement good ideas that move the team in a positive direction. But respectfully decline those that will not move the team forward.

As always
Sell like your living depends on it


You have to be Crazy !!!

“You Have to be Crazy !!” ,” I mean just nuts to work for Straight commission, I mean man thats just insane. ”

Have you heard this rant before? Chances are good you have.

Ive heard it from nearly every relative I have at one time or another.

Heck, to be honest, there were lean times when I said it to myself !!

Over the years I have reached a rather different conclusion. I personally feel your crazy to work any other way.

Consider this simple equation

Passion + Effort = income

More Passion + More Effort = More income

Where else but the world of SALES can this


be true ?

At the local factory I could come in on Monday, work with Passion and Pride and make no more than the guy beside me who nurses his hangover and sits around all day. Talk about CRAZY !!

To top that off My income would be dependent on the company’s deciding that I needed more.

And then deciding When I needed it.

Just insane !

Who has it better than us?

Sell like your living depends on it




I have had the privilege of working with some of the best Finance and Insurance professionals in the business.

I have been mad at them, happy with them, frustrated with their process, and even amazed by their ability,

but most of all ,I have learned from them

It’s math not magic
failing to take into account the proper financial structuring of a deal, may make the deal look great on the front end, but it virtually guarantees you are wasting the customer’s time. Successful delivery requires that the LTV ( loan to value) and the initial investment meet bank criteria. Even the best of the best can’t overcome poorly structured transactions. This forces your finance Manager to work backwards in your deal. He/She is forced to Change the details of the transaction, and present the new details to a customer you failed to prepare. This will cost you money, time, and the trust of your customer.

Protecting Information is Everyone’s job
Sales people tend to see this as the sole responsibility of a Finance professional . It is a complete disrespect to your client not to care for and secure all of their personal information. You may think it is clever to photo copy docs for your records, but it is not only unethical, it is illegal. This seems easier for a new Sales person to grasp than an “Old dog” so listen up old dogs, The days of keeping open files on your previous customers that include their credit criteria are gone !! If you cant get this any other way, imagine that the clerk at walmart is taking home your bank card information ” Just in case” . Not a great thought is it? STOP doing this.

Rates and Terms are not determined by the F & I dept
Whether they are good or bad, at the end of the day it is the customer’s credit record that will determine the tier he falls into ,and the rates that are available to him. Often sales people think that Finance determines the rate based on the profit they would like to make. While there is mark up in rate, the tier and base rate are determined based on the customer’s prior credit history and the level of risk the bank is willing to take.

Faking it is NOT making it
You may think boosting income or job time or other factors on a credit application is a slick way of getting around the system, but it will in fact introduce you to another system. The Unemployment system, or worse the Prison system

There is no room for Guesswork
Finance is an exact science, guessing at the payment and quoting “ scenarios” are not doing you or your customers any justice. In fact they frustrate the process and the client. Get your finance manager involved when questions of rate and term surface. You’ll find your customer enjoys being given the facts as they are, and not your best “guess”

The Finance manager is your team mate, they are not an obstacle to your success they are in fact a catalyst for it.

Abusing their system, and asking them to work out side of ethical lines will short circuit your career.

Take some time and learn what it is that they do, how their process works, and how to make the it work for you and your customer.

Sell like your living depends on it


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